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Dina Turetsky, Business Analyst and Coach

“My partner and I have a coaching business and I was looking for a program that would help me work with my clients, teach me conflict facilitation, and how to help with integration. My biggest doubt was around the time commitment – specifically being there in person on the weekends, I have three kids and as a mom was worried how that was going to work out. Luckily, my husband was able to help out with the kids, he knew how important it was for me to join the program and we worked it out. I think it was great for my family to have that time for me to bring back the tools and even work with kids through some of their processes. There were a lot of things I’ve learned. Some surprising elements about myself – things I thought I had already processed and blindspots that I’m glad I discovered. And learning the tools of working with others, it was very beneficial in my life and in my work, and to this day I am continuing to use these tools.”


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