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Conflict is an integral part of our lives. It is present in many personal interactions and work engagements. Whether managing a team, promoting a new project, arguing for a particular approach, negotiating a deal, or overseeing a large organizational transition, conflict and power dynamics are present implicitly and explicitly. 

Understanding and knowing how to work with conflict and power is an imperative capacity for a successful leader. It develops an ability to stand up for your ideas, vision, and positions. It offers tools for gracefully navigating interactions with those in positions of greater power, as well as those one manages and supervises. It helps cultivate sustainable working relationships with our partners, colleagues and collaborators. 

Learning to work with conflict - internally as well as externally - is also a powerful means to transform challenges and difficult experiences into growth and empowerment.

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Middle managers in corporate settings

Business owners and managers

Anyone who works with people


Concepts that we will cover:

  • Sources and structure of conflict 

  • Process and phases of conflict

  • Roles and the practice of role-switching

  • Dynamics of conflict escalation and cycling

  • Emotion, trauma, and conflict

  • Rank and power: inner and outer types of rank

Develop core facilitation skills for working with individuals and groups in conflict:

  • Ability to frame, hold a container, work with "heat"

  • The art of effectively making and responding to accusations

  • De-escalating and transforming conflictual situations

  • Methods for how to prepare for and process conflict internally

  • Understand and befriend your and others’ rank and power

  • Practice working on organizational, relationship, and internal conflicts

  • Learn to analyze and learn from your challenging experiences


  • Eight weekly, two-hour classes

  • Online (via zoom), live, interactive

  • Classes include: 

    • Presentation of learning materials

    • Discussion and Q&A

    • Practice exercises

    • Case studies brought by participants

  • Two individual coaching sessions

  • Optional reading materials and practice exercises between classes

  • Cost: $780 (Early bird registration rate: $730, ends May 20)

  • Day and time: Thursdays, 8-9 pm EST

  • Dates:  June 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, July 1st, 8th, 15th, 22th​


Class 1: Introduction to structure and dynamics of conflict

Class 2: Roles and role switching; Accusation theory and practice

Class 3: Rank: Inner and outer types of rank

Class 4: Conflict escalation and de-escalation

Class 5: Emotion, trauma, and conflict

Class 6: Reclaiming your power

Class 7: Phases of conflict

Class 8: The facilitator’s toolbox

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