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Evgenia Gorzhevsky, Head Librarian at a Large Research University

“I had recently been promoted to a managerial position and I really did not feel confident in it, I got a bit of an imposter syndrome. I wanted to work through it and grow more comfortable in managing people. And I found myself in situations where I didn’t feel confident of what I want in life, I needed to set goals for myself. I knew that some psychological work will help bring out where I am going. As a result of the program I do feel much more confident as a manager, I feel more together and grounded. And overall, I feel much more comfortable with my own emotions – not that they never overrun me, but my internal observer is much stronger now. My emotions go up and then they go down, I am not as terrified of them as I used to be, and I feel more confident that I can get a handle on them. I realize that I do want a lot of things, which is much better than not knowing. Especially I want to say how much I appreciate the focus on creativity – the encouragement to do creative things without the purpose of excelling in them but for self-expression. It has given me psychological confidence, a feeling of progress, and general well-being. I really enjoyed working with all the people I met, we had a great group. And I found all the exercises very, very worthwhile. I apply it in practical situations, I have a much bigger toolkit to work with in terms of whatever problem I encounter. I learned a lot of useful instruments for myself and my work.”


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