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Marina Kogan, Music Instructor

“I was looking for renewal of myself and my career. I have been teaching music to children for 20 years and was tired, and looking for creative new energy to bring into my teaching. I had some doubts about joining the program as I always do when trying something new – whether I will fit into this group of people, will I feel comfortable doing this work, am I able to commit financially and timewise? But I got clear info about the program, discussed the setting, and it seemed really comfortable for me. I also unexpectedly received extra money from my business which I never counted on, and I invested it into doing this program. As a result of the program, I became more confident in expressing myself. And expressing myself in freer and different ways - not the way a regular music teacher would, but special, with more knowledge of what I want to express and techniques for doing it. And my business became more stable. I also discovered a healing part of me, and have started to do music and sound healing. I’ve also begun to develop other parts of my musical practice – I was previously only working with piano, but now started to bring in vocal. I have been able to harmoniously blend the whole thing together.”


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